Women Arrested for Shoplifting after Crash

Bedford Co. VA - Police are led to two women charged after a shoplifting incident, after a tip from an ABC 13 reporter.

Shareka Cobbs and Continey Brown were passengers in a black Chevy Tahoe that flipped on 460 late last month, pinning a baby underneath. Brown is the owner of that SUV, according to State Police.

Three weeks before that crash, police asked us to air a photo of a woman known to them only as MeMe, who they say attempted to steal items from the Bedford Wal Mart.

While getting video of the crash scene, our news crew spotted a piece of debris from the car, with a name that sounded familiar. Reporter Angela Hatcher contacted Lt. Todd Foreman with the Bedford Police Department.

"There was a note on the side of the road with MeMe on it and it had Ms. Cobbs' information on the note," said Foreman. "We looked up her information. We found a picture of her. When we did, the investigator was able to follow up with her and with the managers at Wal Mart and was able to connect her with the crime."

Cobbs, also known as MeMe, is charged with grand larceny. Brown is charged as an accessory. Police say Brown was the driver of the getaway car, a black Chevy Tahoe.