Woman Wants Job Back After Claiming To Find Rat Droppings In School Lunch

Halifax Co., VA -- A Halifax County woman wants her job back and is claiming she was fired because she was a whistle-blower. Emma Sims worked at Halifax County Middle School where she says she saw biscuits with rat droppings on them being served to students. Sims tells us she told her manager and was fired shortly afterward. But school officials say that's not exactly what happened.

We acquired copies of Sims' evaluations from several of the 11 years she worked at Halifax County Schools. While they are not all perfect, she did average high markings on the evaluations. Until the last one where she received the two lowest marks in every category. Sims says this last evaluation was after she went to her manager about the rat droppings.

Superintendent Merle Herndon says she cannot talk about the reason Sims was let go. But she tells us that the food with rat droppings was never served to students or faculty. Herndon admits they did find contaminated food but that was thrown away and the problem was taken care of. Still, Sims has not forgotten about what she claims happens last year.

"Do you know all day, I'll be honest with you, I prayed and I was so disgusted, I just didn't know what to do," said Sims.

Monday night Sims is scheduled in the 'citizens comments' section of the School Board meeting to request that she get money or her job back. The meeting is at 7:30, which is after the School Board's closed session.