Woman Shares Story On Facebook Of Alleged Domestic Abuse

Rocky Mt., VA - After years of physical and emotional abuse one woman had enough. For the first time, she put an end to it, standing up and speaking out for all women.She took her story to social media and as a result, it is getting a lot of reaction.Everyone has their tipping point. For Sabrey Dent, she says it was a man she loved punching her square in the face, leaving her bloodied and beaten, in front of her three children that had her saying, enough."I'm making this post as sort of a public announcement to women that may be dealing with the same violence that I've experienced" she said.Dent's Saturday started just like any other Saturday."I'm sitting here now with the last black eye and stitches that any man will ever give me" she said.There were no holes in her walls."For years I suffered his abuse" she said.Or doors hanging from their hinges."He had me convinced it was my fault, that I deserved it" she said.Saturday started just like any other day."But this is the last time. See no matter how much he tried to break me he couldn't. In fact, I'm taking more of my power back every day" said Dent.But after a man she loved for years, she says broke through her front door, tossed her around, and beat her till bloody, she decided it all would stop."There was no words exchanged, he just instantly started punching me. I had a laceration of course across my eye, plenty of bruising, bruising on my back. There was dishes sitting over there that he had knocked off as he had came in and he used the glass to cut me" she said.After five years, and Dent says more than a hundred hits, she knew now was when she'd end it. She took to Facebook to share her story and the pictures of the aftermath. She shared with friends and strangers her strength to never let it happen again."This is what I've been through and I know I'm not the only one" she said.With more than 80 women commenting on her Facebook post to confirm that belief, "I dealt with it 13 years. It started verbally, then mentally, then physically" read one comment. "You can stay because you're strong but you can leave because you're stronger" read another.Messages she hopes all women will come to understand."The reality is you can be the most perfect wife, the most perfect angel, you can do everything you ask them to do and I assure you if there is violence in that man, it will happen again" she said.Dent and her children do have a protective order against the man and they are currently living elsewhere.ABC 13 reached out to the man she has accused and he responded by saying both he and Dent are facing charges. He also said quote, "Ms. Dent attacked me a combat veteran with PTSD and intermittent explosive disorder and I defended myself accordingly."