Woman Settles Suit Over Sexual Assault at Roanoke Plant

Roanoke, VA, (AP) - A woman has settled a lawsuit against Cosmetic Essence Inc. stemming from a sexual assault at the company's plant in Roanoke.

According to the federal lawsuit, both the woman and her assailant worked at the plant. The lawsuit alleged that Cosmetic Essence didn't check the assailant's criminal background, which would have shown he was a sex offender.

The lawsuit had sought more than $6 million in damages.

It was reported that U.S. District Court Judge Glen Conrad dismissed the case last week, saying it had been settled.

Cosmetic Essence's cross-claim against Sunstates Security also was resolved. Sunstates employed security guards at the plant.

The settlement terms weren't disclosed.

Nathaniel Seymore Martin received a three year sentence after being convicted of sexual penetration with an animate object.