Woman Rescued From Elevator in Lynchburg During Power Outage

Lynchburg, VA - During the power outage in Lynchburg, one woman got stuck on an elevator for almost an hour.

Charlotte Stone, a resident of the Riverviews Artspace on Jefferson Street, boarded the elevator on the 6th floor and got stuck near the fourth floor.

She says she banged on the walls for an hour before another resident heard her and called 911. A fire crew was there within 15 minutes and quickly got Stone to safety.

An hour later, the power was still out, alarms were still sounding, and Stone was still shaken.

"I've been caught in the elevator before and you know, when the lights are on and you know you're not going to have to stay in there very long, it's ok. But today was very frightening," she said.

Stone says that was the third time she's been stuck in that elevator.