Woman Recovering in Hospital After Driver Struck Her in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - A woman is still in the hospital Friday night recovering from severe injuries after she was struck by a driver while she crossed the street.

Lynchburg Police say the woman behind the wheel is facing a reckless driving charge.

It was just after 8 a.m. Thursday when Nicole Robinson, 25, had just dropped her kids off at the bus stop. She was making her way across Poplar Street, when police say the driver of a sedan barreled right into her.

Police say a Lynchburg City School bus was stopped near the intersection of Buena Vista and Poplar Streets with its blinking red lights on.

Police say the driver is Shelishia Broadeus, 29. They say it seems she was unaware of both the bus and of Robinson.

"Anytime you see a bus that's stopped and it's not a divided highway, which this was not a divided highway, you're required by state law to stop in both directions; both coming from behind the vehicle as well as approaching the vehicle from the opposite direction," said Capt. Ryan Zuidema with the Lynchburg Fire Department.

Robinson's family say she may need surgery -- right now she's unable to walk.

As for the driver, police say she was going around the speed limit of 25 miles an hour when she struck Robinson.