Woman Plans to Knit 1,000 Sweaters for Kids

Charlotte Co., VA - A woman in Charlotte County uses her talent to keep children all over the world warm. Anna Taylor knits sweaters - and we are talking about way more than a few sweaters here.

85-year-old Anna Taylor has a goal to knit 1,000 sweaters for needy children in her lifetime. And she is very close to reaching her goal.

"This one's got more color," said Taylor.

For Anna Taylor, the warmth she feels inside comes from keeping others warm. She responded to a simple request in Guidepost Magazine in 2006. The request: the call to knit.

"I had retired my knitting needles years before, but, I said, I believe I can do that," said Taylor.

This was not Anna's first time using her needles to serve others. She learned to knit in the seventh grade. At that time, she knitted woolen scarves for the Navy.

"They didn't turn out very well, but I did learn," said Taylor.

Now, many years later she turns her attention to others in need - the children.

Taylor showed us a sweater that will make number 775, which is part of a larger shipment that goes out next week.

"All children should be safe and warm," said Taylor.

The sweaters are sent in shipments of 25 all across the world. And with three children of her own, Anna feels a deep need to take care of these children.

"It breaks it. It breaks my heart," said Taylor.

Taylor does not plan to stop any time soon. What started out as a goal to make 100, has turned in to something bigger.

Taylor said that one of the reasons she does this is in hopes that someone else will start. If you are interested in partnering with Guidepost's Knit for Kids Program, you can find all the information clicking here.