Woman Needs Help Finding Parrot

Cloverdale, VA - A woman is asking for help in finding her pet parrot of it escaped during an oven fire.

Evelyn Krippendorf, and friends, have been looking for Tamar since they realized she was gone on Monday.

The African Grey Parrot was with two other birds in a safe room while Krippendorf put the fire out.

Somehow, the seven-year old bird - that does talk - managed to escape.

Krippendorf {}has raised the bird since it was a chick.

{}"Concerned for her out there. She's never been outdoors before. I'm sure she is very frightened and by now she is very hungry and thirsty," said Krippendorf.

{}Ms. Krippendorf lives in the Cloverdale area of Botetourt County near the elementary school and Challenger Avenue.

She is offering a $500 dollar reward for help getting Tamar{}back.

Contact (540)992-1913 or (540)293-1913 with any information.