Woman Explains 'Scary Moment' As SUV Crashes Into Neighbor's House

Danville,VA-- One Danville family has been forced to find another place to live after an SUV crashed into their home.

Police say 39-year-old Duane Carlos Petty drove a Jeep into the house on the 300 block of Terry Avenue around 12:30 Sunday afternoon.

The good news is there were no major injuries in the crash. Many residents that live on the street said that is a miracle, because on any given day there are usually several kids playing in the yard.

It was just a normal Sunday afternoon for Danville resident Patricia McGuire and her daughter. They were relaxing on their porch after church when they saw the whole accident unfold.

"We saw the guy come... he went up in the grass and just ran into the house over there. I was like really. Did that just happen?" said McGuire.

Police said Petty was driving south on North Davis Drive. The Jeep came to the intersection of North Davis Drive and Terry Avenue, but police said he drove through the stop sign. They said he lost control and hit the house.

'We ran over there to make sure he was alright. I thought it was going to be worse than what it was and he just hit the corner of the house. The people that lived there said they were in the living room and all the kids ran out and said oh my God we were watching TV, he ran in our house!" McGuire said.

Police said the driver was taken to Danville Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Six people were inside the home at the time. One complained of injuries, but did not get treated on scene. The crash caused $15,000 in damage to the house.

McGuire said she's just thankful that yard was empty at the time.

"I was scared especially because there are so many kids that play out there all the time and I was really worried if one of them was out there. They had a volleyball net sitting out there in the yard and everything," said McGuire.

The Red Cross is assisting the family. Police said the driver was charged with driving with a suspended license and driving vehicle which is not under control.