Woman Comes Forward As Winner of $1M Powerball

Danville, VA -- The winner of the million dollar Powerball ticket has come forward. Betty Cook matched all of the numbers except for the Powerball for Saturday's drawing. Thursday, she accepted her check.

Betty Cook bought that million dollar ticket at the Stop In Food Store in Danville. She says it wasn't her first time at the store. Cook tells us she buys two lottery tickets every week. But this was the first time she hit it big.

Cook accepted her million dollar check Thursday afternoon. She plans to use the money to pay bills including paying off her house. She also says she will help her daughters and save some money. But she does plan on spending some of it on more lottery tickets. Cook says she will continue working at Dan River Plants in Danville.

When Cook was asked how she found out about winning the lottery ticket, she said her daughter told her. Cook says her daughter found out through the radio that someone in Danville won and went to Cook's house to check. That's when she saw the winning ticket that her parent's bought.

"She said mama where is that ticket at? Let me check it. She sat down and she pulled it up on her phone and she checked it and she jumped up and about gave me a heart attack she said mama you won you won. I was just stunned," says Cook.

After taxes, Cook will get a little over $700,000. Another winner, is the owner of this store who got a $10,000 check today for selling the winning ticket.