Wintergreen Snow Not Expected to Stick Around

Nelson Co., VA - Part of what made Sandy a super-storm is the fact that it was a hurricane mixed with a massive cold front, and that front produced a lot of snow in some parts.

Even though Sandy continued moving well north of Wintergreen, Tuesday afternoon the flakes were still falling, and the winds were gusting. But Monday night things were much worse.

Heavy winds and thick snow blanked Wintergreen resort Monday night, dumping almost 7 inches of snow at the highest elevations.

"Headed here this morning, bright and early, and was expecting some snow but wasn't expecting as much as we received overnight," said Jay Roberts, Vice President of Resort Operations.

But, Roberts says don't expect this snow to stick around.

"Most of this snow will melt and end up back in the ground water and sets us up for success later on because it keeps replenishing our snow making ponds," says Roberts.

While Sandy may be a name many would soon like to forget, one Sandy visiting the resort says don't blame her!

"Listen, it's a good name, I've had it for a long time, so what can you say," said Sandy Shaw.

Despite coming to Wintergreen with hopes of playing a little golf, the Shaw's say they still enjoyed the winter wonderland.

"It's so white, and oh just absolutely magical," said Shaw.

"This is beautiful and this is a ski resort so snow is never a burden," said Billy Shaw, Sandy's husband.

The management at Wintergreen says they are just excited for ski season to start.