Wintergreen Kicks Off Ski Season Early

Lynchburg, VA - Only three days until Thanksgiving and Wintergreen Ski Resort is preparing to kick off their ski-season. The weekend's burst of cold air has been good to them, allowing them to start making snow Saturday night.

{}"We've transitioned from last night being on four wheelers to this morning being on snow mobiles," said Jay Roberts, the Vice President of Resort Operations.

Over the weekend, workers turned on their snow machines which blew tons of snow to quickly make a few feet of snowy pad for skiers. The machines had some updates and new pipes this year, so they are ready to make snow efficiently.

Wintergreen pumps 8,000 gallons of water per minute. With the windy conditions the night before, the snow did not just stay on the slopes.

"All of our open areas for our customers are white this morning. We'd have liked to have had that snow on the slopes, but as windy as it was last night, we shared a little bit with the community," said Roberts.

Wintergreen has also begun its process of converting its multi-purpose building for the season. Crews are turning it into a rental station...all with the hopes of being up and running for skiers by the Saturday after Thanksgiving which is much earlier than normal.

"This year it looks like we're going to ski in November," said Roberts.

The cold weather has been very helpful to their business.

"It's pretty close to historic how cold it is right now," said Roberts.

With many families coming in the next few weeks, they are excited to hear they may even get some natural snow just in time for the holidays.

{}"We're hoping for a white Thanksgiving," said Roberts.

There are a few new changes to the way Wintergreen is doing things this year. If you have a season pass, it is now good for every night of the week as well as on holidays.

Wintergreen says they should have plenty of skiing this weekend, and their tubing lanes will open a little later in the season.