Wildfire Weekend in Lynchburg A Success

Lynchburg, VA--Over 10,000 people packed into the Vines Center at Liberty University Saturday for day two of the Wildfire Weekend Conference.

The main headliner of the day was Duck Dynasty star Jace Robertson. Athletes, authors and speakers from all over came to share their encouraging messages.

"Something happens when you get that many guys in a building," said Tim Clinton, the founder of Wildfire Weekend.

The Wildfire conference kicked off with messages from NFL player Drew Brees and author Max Lucado.

"It's been absolutely packed out, the guys are having fun," said Clinton.

Guests also went through workshops that they say had a little something for everyone.

"Football, basketball, baseball, to turkey hunting, to engine building and how to have a better relationship with God," said Clinton.

Many also lined up for a meet and greet session with Jace Robertson, who spoke at the end of the conference.

"The place is absolutely a-buzz, crazy, insane, getting ready for him to come out. We're looking forward to it," said Clinton.

Darryl Strawberry also spoke at the event. Strawberry is a former Major League Baseball player turned pastor. He told the audience how God changed his life.

"The transformation that has happened in my life from God allows people to see that you're not a mistake and God doesn't forget about you," said Strawberry.

Clinton said he hopes the conference changes lives.

"I've been out in the crowd and what is sobering is how many dads and sons and brothers are just hugging on each other. God's doing something here and so when you see that kind of activity, you think, 'OK, we've got something here.'"

Clinton said this is the conference's seventh year. In the past they averaged around 3,000 people a weekend. He said last year is when they really kicked it up to a new level, selling out early and having a full house.

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