Why We Have Easter Egg Hunts

Videojournalist: Angela Fowler

Chatham, VA- Someone recently asked us the question, why do we have Easter egg hunts?

Some Christians consider eggs to be the seed of life, and believe they are symbolic with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, at Chatham Hall's all-girls college-preparatory school, they had a full day of celebrating Easter with spring activities.

It all started with their morning Chapel Service, then a picnic, kickball, and of course a fun Easter egg hunt.

"Eggs are kind of the beginning of life, they're the symbol of spring and coloring those eggs and decorating those eggs is kind of the artistic embracing of all the stuff that goes on in spring," said Gary Fountain, Headmaster at Chatham Hall.

And even though the students are ages 14 to 18, the Headmaster told us that there is an inner five-year-old in all of us.