Who is E.W. Jackson: Voters Get to Know the Candidate

South Boston, VA - Those who came out to support E.W. Jackson at his stop in South Boston say they're proud to stand behind him despite the mixed reviews he's received.

"I just wanted to meet EW Jackson. I've seen him on TV, and I like what he says on TV. He says things that I can believe, " said voter Tom Crews.
Jackson would not comment on any controversies surrounding some of his views, but local protestors were very vocal, opposing statements he's made on abortion, homosexuality and other things.
One woman even interrupted Jackson while he was discussing faith in America.
"Our founding fathers said 'created' not 'evolved'. They didn't say we came from monkeys, " said Jackson before the protestor added, "Where did they say anything about Christianity?"
Despite the minor opposition, Jackson gave a moving speech. He talked about his upbringing in foster care and his belief in the American dream as the great-grandson of slaves that would later graduate from Harvard law school.
"We've got to make sure that dream is alive in the heart of every single American, of every single Virginian, " Jackson said.
Jackson is the first African-American on the Republican ticket in Virginia in more than twenty years, but he says, it is not about race, it's about doing what's best for all Virginians.
"Our ancestors may have come on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now. We better start acting like we know that and start working together, " he said.
Jackson also made stops in South Hill and Blairs. He faces Democrat Ralph Northan in November.
Since his Southside visit, new reports about his campaign donations have developed.
According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, this is the second time Jackson has missed the deadline to disclose donations to his campaign, and there was concern over a $48,000 donation that appeared to come from his own political action committee.

ABC 13 spoke to Jackson's press secretary who says that is not true. He also says Jackson is still within the grace period to report that information, and the money in question came from online donations.