White Hart Cafe in Lynchburg Set to Close Saturday

Lynchburg, VA - A downtown Lynchburg favorite is closing its doors for good this Saturday. The White Hart Cafe, which sells coffee and food, is struggling financially, according to management.

According to owner Tim Patterson, the business has been struggling for a bit. Two years ago, he and two other business partners bought the coffee shop. Since then, those two partners left.

Located in the heart of downtown Lynchburg, the cozy place known for its great atmosphere is a hot spot for regulars like Mike Troxel.

"I'm down here several times a week," said Troxel. "I almost always get a house cup coffee, or two, sometimes five."

He has his regular drink, his regular dish, and his regular chair that he is soon going to have to say goodbye to.

"On Saturday night I'm going to come down, I'm going to order a beer and probably cry in it," said Troxel.

The news is hard for those who frequent the place, but even harder for Patterson.

"I'll be sad to see it go. It's not what I intended when I got into the business but sometimes that happens when you take that, some of those risks," said Patterson.

Patterson is the sole owner and has been since November of last year.

"I've gotten to a point where I can't really continue as things are with my level of indebtedness. So unfortunately, we've come to the point where I feel like it's time to close the doors," said Patterson.

But the news is hard for many to swallow.

"I didn't like the news," said Pastor Bubba Rose.

"What are we going to do now?" Asked Troxel.

Owners say not to worry. You can still pick up a cup of your favorite Joe at their other location, the Black Water Coffee Shop inside the Bank of the James on Main Street.

Meanwhile, Patterson has one last message.

"Who knows, maybe we'll be able to work something out. Maybe not. But the two years have been good and I'm really grateful for it," said Patterson.

The White Hart Cafe will remain open through Saturday. Patterson says he is not sure what the next move will be, but has been approached by a few people who have talked to him about buying the business.