Whit Babcock Responds To Class Action Against NCAA

Blacksburg, VA - The NCAA is facing a new class action lawsuit on the eve of their biggest event.

The suit, brought by four former college athletes, claims the NCAA is a cartel that makes millions off the backs of student athletes.

The suit names the NCAA and the five major conferences as defendants including the ACC.

The issue is not a new one in the sense that there has been a movement to get players paid for years.

In fact there are several suits currently pending; one similar to this one and another where a player is suing because his likeness was used, for profit, in video games.

What makes this different is it is a class action lawsuit represented by a high profile attorney who specializes in such issues.

Tuesday Virginia Tech's Athletic Director Whit Babcock, who's against "pay for play", gave his take on the suit.

"But at the same time a four or five year education at Virginia Tech is probably worth, I'm rounding it, $150,000 if you're an out of state young person and the education and what it does for you for the rest of your life is pretty strong. So we'll see where that goes," said Babcock.

Babcock did say he felt there are valid issues that need consideration especially when dealing with merchandise that is directly related to an athlete.