What to Do With a Dog in the Winter by Noreen Turyn

Well here we are, my first winter as a dog parent, and I'm not sure what's best for him!{}

Cadbury is still a puppy at the guessed age of about a year and a half old now. And he's still a big trouble maker-- I would never be able to trust him alone in the house for a long period of time without finding everything in ruins. So while I'm at work, he's got the options of being outside in the fenced in yard where he can run, dig, and chase squirrels or in the crate inside.

So what's best? My inclination is outside, but of course, the days are here where that's going to be dangerous for him. He is very, very soft and{}furry and has a dog igloo and warm bed on a screened in porch that he can come and go freely in and out of {}(he made his own doggy door by pushing through the screen). But I'm just trying to figure out at what point it's just too cold.

I did buy a gate to be able to keep him in my kitchen, and I think that's what I'll be doing this winter, rather than the crate. I just have to remember to keep everything off the countertops that he could get into! But of course all this means that I'll have to work doubly hard when I get home from work to give him all the exercise he missed during the day. He's a handful- a furry ball of energy and playfulness- but I love him dearly.

So my question is, anyone have any ideas on things to keep him occupied and interested while holed up in a 5' by 5' space?

I have a Kong Wobbler and that works for a while, but then what? And whatever it is, it has to be indestructible! He's a shredder.{} There's not one stuffed toy where the stuffing hasn't left the body within minutes. I'd love some sort of "busy station" ideas if anyone has them.{}

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