What it Takes to Cook for a NASCAR Team

Martinsville, VA - When the drivers aren't on the track at the Martinsville Speedway this weekend, you can bet that they are going to stop in the pits to eat.

It's quite a job providing food for all the drivers and pit crews. As all the fans are getting food in the stands, the drivers have their food set up in the pits.

And providing meals for hundreds of people every day is a lot more challenging than most people realize.

You won't see Kat MacDonald changing tires or getting behind the wheel, but some would say she's just as important to the team's success this weekend as anyone else.

"This gives them their nutrients, what they need for their energy," said MacDonald.

Equipped with a spoon and list of recipes, MacDonald focuses on fueling up the drivers and crews.

"I wouldn't trade it, I love it. I love what I do."

For eight years, she's been traveling with NASCAR cup teams making food for seven drivers and their crew, totaling 130 to 200 people each day.

"During the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I don't have off. I'm doing menu planning, prepping, recipe planning, all that," said MacDonald.

She also shops locally for the ingredients and makes it day-of. MacDonald cooks a variety of dishes, keeping cup drivers like Justin Allgaier and Kyle Larson happy.

"The food is great. Kay always has something that a healthy option and regular option," said Allgaier.

"It's nice to have something cooked for us. A lot of times we don't have time to cook for ourselves with how busy our schedule is," said Larson.

MacDonald says they usually eat all her food, except when here in Martinsville.

"Some guys I won't see the whole weekend because all they've eaten was the Martinsville hot dogs," said MacDonald.