UPDATED: What Happened to Jamisha Gilbert?

UPDATE: 12:00 p.m.

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police say the Medical Examiner has positively identified the body found yesterday as 18 year old Jamisha Gilbert.

The autopsy on the body was completed Thursday morning.

Police say the body was found at Megginson Lane Cemetery in a wooded area, where crime tape was put up Wednesday.

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Lynchburg, VA - Following the discovery of a body Wednesday, Lynchburg police are waiting for an autopsy before announcing an identity.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday morning, but police do not know how long it will take for identification.

So many questions still remain surrounding missing 18 year old Jamisha Gilbert. About her maroon car found Friday, her mom says she wrecked; about that boyfriend she was last seen with; and the latest discovery of a woman's body.

"During their search team members located a deceased black female" said Lt. Dave Gearhart of the Lynchburg Police Department.

Search squads scoured the dense woods between Concord Turnpike and Route 460 on Wednesday. What they found was perhaps what they've spent days now searching for.

"We are continuing our search efforts as part of the crime scene investigation at this time" said Gearhart.

"It was a lot of hope, until today" said Endya Johnson, a friend of Jamisha's.

Friends and family of Jamisha are devastated with the discovery. Fearing the worst now for the missing 18 year old.

"It's very emotional, that someone would do something to her. She never bothered anybody" said Johnson.

"They did let me see the car, and I saw how tore up the car is" said Norma Gilbert-Eldridge, Jamisha's mother.

Although police have not commented on the extent of the damage, Eldridge in an interview on Tuesday, said her daughter's wrecked Honda Accord, found Friday, was completely destroyed, "And that's a little scary because the car is really bad" she said.

Eldridge also claims that boyfriend, who friends say Jamisha was last seen with, was driving at the time of the wreck.

"He was in fact driving she was on the passenger side, he was driving. I believe he was in the car the whole time" she said.

"For young girls to keep going missing, it's very scary" said Johnson.

According to Lynchburg Police, Jamisha's boyfriend was questioned in connection to her disappearance.

Also Lynchburg investigators say the crime scene is still being secured and they will be back on the scene Thursday to continue looking for evidence.