What Goes Into Keeping the Miller Park Pool Peaceful

Lynchburg, VA - All the summer sun is pushing people to pools and parks. Miller Park in Lynchburg was packed with people Tuesday.

But with all the people that flock there, pool and park staff are on high alert, especially given Miller Park's recently rougher reputation.

Miller Park is a pool-side paradise for hundreds, especially when temperatures start to soar.

"We have a max capacity of about 400 people and on a hot day it usually reaches about that many" said Joe Wertz, the Miller Park pool Manager.

"This is my fourth summer here" said Wertz.

Wertz is used to a packed pool, and the trouble that occasionally comes with it.

"It's kind of a term we go by here, it's called preventative lifeguarding. If they see something occurring, something happening we get them to step in. We also encourage that when they're not on stand they try to interact with the patrons as much as possible" he said.

Miller Park is no stranger to crime. Four people were arrested there on Memorial Day for their involvement in a brawl.

But Wertz says practicing pool side crowd control and pre-emptive intervention, is paying off.

"We've had a lot less issues this summer than we usually do" he said.

And parents that use the park are seeing the pay off as well.

"Every time we come to the park I haven't encountered any fights; we've had a great experience every time we come" said one mother who was picking up her son from the pool.

"In past years when I was growing up, that was a frequent complaint at the city pools, but since I've been coming as a mother, I haven't had any of those types of problems at all" said another woman.

Police patrol the park routinely. Lifeguards and park staff say they have a great working relationship; all important factors that go into keeping Miller Park safe this summer.