Wet Weather Breeding Mosquitoes

Lynchburg, VA - We've seen more wet weather than heat this summer, which is leading to a lot of mosquitoes.

Lynchburg's Extension Agent says the best time to get rid of them is before they're full grown adults.

Small puddles and buckets of water may not seem like much, but a single mosquito can lay more than 200 eggs at a time.

Some of the biggest nesting areas are garbage can lids, potted plants, and gutters.

Experts say keeping them away isn't that hard to do.

"Go out into your yard. Be aware of your surroundings. And if there's standing water, get rid of it," said Extension Agent Kevin Camm.

Apart from the nuisance, mosquitoes pose health risks, like West Nile Virus.

The health department recommends using insect repellent, DEET is the most effective.

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