Wendell Scott's Family Reacts To Him Getting Into NASCAR Hall Of Fame

Danville, VA - Only a few NASCAR drivers achieve admission into the Hall of Fame. Danville native Wendell will be inducted as part of the Class of 2015.Excitement doesn't even begin to explain how Wendell Scott's family felt during the announcement. He made history and now he will be in the books as one of the greats.Wendell Scott's son, Frank joined several other family members in Charlotte for the NASCAR Hall of Fame ceremony. He says nothing can compare to the excitement they felt when they heard his father's name."We all just cheered and you couldn't contain the emotions," said Frank Scott."It was like an overflow of emotion, tears," said Wendell O. Scott, Jr., Wendell Scott's Son. In the early 60's, Wendell Scott became the first African-American to win on the big circuit. Frank says his father becoming a member of the Class of 2015 NASCAR Hall of Fame is an accomplishment of its own."It was the greatest victory he could have had as far as his racing career is concerned," said Frank."This was more than a victory, this was a solidification of a legacy," said Wendell Jr. This was the third time Scott's name appeared on the ballot. But this time he received the second highest vote count."I just said 'Thank God, thank God that it's finally happened'," said Frank.While Frank's home is nothing short of a museum for his father, he just can't wait to add this award to the collection.Scott joins four other new members in the Hall of Fame. Induction Day is January 30th.