Welsh Students Learn From Pittsylvania County Schools

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Kentuck Elementary School had some interesting visitors Tuesday.

Education students from the University of Wales in the UK are spending their week in Pittsylvania County to learn about our way of teaching.

Many people at Kentuck say that this learning experience is as good for them as it is for the Welsh students.
"It gives an opportunity to see the different perspective, different culture, and different lives of individuals. Fantastic opportunity," said Gwydion Wynne, Professor at University of Wales.
The students from Wales spent the day talking with teachers, observing the classroom, and soaking up as much as they could about the American education system. The University students aren't the only ones getting a lesson, though.
"The part about being a good teacher is knowing that you can learn from anyone," said Kentuck teacher Jennifer Walker.
Many teachers like Walker took this as an opportunity to submerge their students into the European culture.
"It just makes it more real life to them. Maps and books and maps on the walls sometimes are so, it's not concrete enough for them," said Pamela Fields, principal.
The Welsh students say they do not rely as heavily on textbooks, but other than that, most of the teaching is similar. Even on the other side of the world, they all have the same priorities.
"At the end of the day, the most important people in the school are those children in the class," said Wynne.
The Welsh students will be at several different schools in Pittsylvania County for the rest of the week. Then they are off to New York City to observe other students.