Well-Known Lynchburg Businessman and Son Arrested

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Dan Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - It's back to business as usual for a well-known Lynchburg businessman and his son Friday evening. But earlier in the day, the two were arrested for allegedly trying to sell a motorcycle without a dealer's license, and obstructing law enforcement.

When DMV agents arrested Ryan Somers at L. Oppleman's in downtown Lynchburg, his father David insisted the whole thing was a mix-up, and got in a scuffle with the agents.

David Somers was reluctant to say too much until he speaks with his attorney. But, he did say DMV Special Agent Hicks misinterpreted the situation.

Here's what we know: the agents served a warrant on David Somers's son, Ryan Mathews Somers, Friday at their shop. It was a summons on charges of selling a Harley Davidson without a dealer's license, which is a misdemeanor.

David Somers says the charge is untrue. The Harley, which sat in his shop, he says, was not for sale; he intended to buy it from a customer.

But, that's not all.

One charge turned in to two. Law enforcement says when Ryan Somers did not sign the summons, father and son went to another part of the store. Agents followed them, attempting to cuff Ryan but David tried pulling his son away. That's when both were charged with obstructing law enforcement.

David Somers was reluctant to talk too much about the scuffle. But, did say it was all caught on surveillance.