Weight Watchers Celebrate 50 Years, Locals Share Stories in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Weight Watchers celebrated its 50th anniversary Saturday, and a store in Lynchburg took part in the "One Amazing Day" event.

Local Weight Watchers members came out to share their success stories with the program. They also had some inspirational speakers and offered deals for people who signed up.

Leaders say the Lynchburg store lost a total of about 30,000 pounds in 2012. They say they hope this event can keep people motivated into the New Year.

"To realize how living healthy, how important it is. And really how weight watchers, being around for 50 years, how they have been a huge part of that for so many people helping them reach their goals and live healthier," said Stephanie Snyder.

Snyder says Mayor Gillette kicked off the event Saturday morning. There was also a great turn-out, with several people actually signing up for programs.