Weekend Washout Changes Local Event Plans

Lynchburg, VA - The heavy rain is putting a real damper on events happening across our area this weekend.

In a lot of cases this weekend, despite the wet weather, the show will go on.

Lynchburg's Friday Cheer's, a summer staple in the Hill City, is postponed. It's Lynch's Landings largest annual fundraiser. Its organizers moved Friday's event to the end of July.

"It was supposed to be on the track at the high school, and now it will be at the gymnasium at the high school" said Rhonda Guill, an organizer of the Appomattox Relay for Life.

The Appomattox Relay for life, a town tradition was run indoors by the weekend washout.

"We thought even if it stopped raining tomorrow, the field would just be so muddy and wet that it wouldn't be any fun" said Guill.

Friday's fundraiser even with the change in venue is expected to rake in more than $100,000.

"This is not about whether it's inside or outside, it's about raising money, and how much money we can bring in for cancer research. So in the end, the outcome is going to be the same and we're going to have a great time doing it," said Guill.

At a soggy DeVault Vineyards in Concord, they're prepared.

"We're going to have up a ton of tents that should be able to hold as many people as would like to come is what we're hoping to do" said Terry Wecker, an event organizer and winery employee.

It's full speed ahead at DeVault in planning for Saturday's F-5 Relief Concert fundraiser. All the money collected in admission to the day-long concert will go toward helping Oklahoma tornado victims.

"I mean this is nothing, right? So they've been through everything they've been through, the least we can do is survive a little bit of rain in order to raise some money for them," said Wecker.

All these events are open to the public. If you'd like to help out the Appomattox Relay for Life, it will be held at the Appomattox County High School gymnasium from 6p.m. - 1a.m. You can come and make donations at any time throughout the night.

The F-5 Relief Concert fundraiser is being held Saturday, June 8 at the Devault Family Vineyards, 247 Station Lane in Concord. The event runs from 1-9p.m., and admission is $20 per person. Anyone younger than 12 is free.

Organizers are looking for volunteers to help with the event, for more information and to contact the organizers, visit the winery's website.