Weather's Impact on Holiday Travel, Experts Give Tips

Lynchburg, VA - That massive storm in the Midwest is already causing big problems for air travelers.

But will it affect your plans?

All flights out of Lynchburg Regional Airport are on time so far, but those flights are going to Charlotte.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that could help you get to your destination.

Print your boarding pass at home and get to the airport early. You don't want to show up late and find they've given your seat to a stranded passenger.

Lynchburg Regional Airport officials are say this time of year is always busy and that travelers should set aside extra travel time for busy airports, but with bad weather, that becomes even more important.

"It is winter time and there is a lot of people traveling throughout the country. So always get to the airport a little earlier than you normally would, and just try to do your best, it's going to snow someplace," said Richard Stein, deputy director at the airport.

Plenty of people are stranded Thursday night because all that snow is already causing backups in places like Chicago, a major hub for airlines and connecting flights. So heading west could be difficult.

ABC Travel Editor Genevieve Shaw Brown has tips for what you can do if your flight is canceled because of the weather.

"Every airline has already issued a flexible travel policy for passengers who are traveling to bad weather areas. So what does that mean? It means you can, without penalty, change your flight to sometime over the next few days. If that works for you, that may be a course of action you want to take. If your flight is canceled all together and you say forget it, I just want to stay home, you are entitled to a full refund."

Brown says if you're in line at the airport trying to get your flight changed, you should also be on your cell phone calling the airline. Or you can use social media. She says most airlines are now using Twitter to respond to passenger concerns.