Winter Weather Worries Trump Thanksgiving Travel Plans

Campbell Co., VA - Heading home for the holidays could be made more difficult Tuesday with the potential for winter weather in the forecast.

In Lynchburg, preparations are underway at the airport, for folks flying this Thanksgiving.

"I'm going home to Buffalo, New York to be with my parents for Thanksgiving" said Sydney Innocenti.

Innocenti, a northern native, is used to heavy snow, and crushing winter weather. She's not too worried about a chill cramping her travel plans.

"I'm, of course, grateful to be going home a little bit early. We'll see how the weather turns out. You always take a chance when you fly, so hopefully it'll be ok" she said.

Rick Stein, Deputy Director of the Lynchburg Regional Airport, has all hands on deck. Their trucks and crews are ready to remedy the runway if ice starts to stick.

"It takes three passes in order to de-ice the whole runway, the runway is 150 feet wide" he said.

Delays in the Hill City are not too much of a concern with early morning travel. But with a massive storm system moving through, flight plans in other parts of the country Stein says, could be impacted.

"Even though the weather may be decent here, or where the passengers are going, that doesn't necessarily mean the planes didn't get delayed somewhere else" said Stein.

For some, the potential for winter weather has delayed Thanksgiving travel plans.

"We haven't made a final decision on Thursday yet, because we're supposed to go down to Charlotte" said one woman.

"We'll be staying off the roads, staying safe; trying to buy some supplies, and stay in the house for the whole thing" said one man.

Lynchburg Regional Airport is having eight flights compared to their usual six on Tuesday to handle a higher volume of holiday travelers.

Some suggestions: if you are flying Tuesday, check in with your airline to be sure that your flight is on time. Just because weather is ok here, does not mean your flight was not impacted.