Weather Warning Changes After Bedford City Becomes a Town

Bedford, VA - Residents in Bedford have been reviewing emergency preparedness plans as the city prepares to revert to town status.

Starting July 1, Bedford won't get its own warning once it's no longer an independent city.

Chief Meteorologist Sean Sublette says the ABC 13 Weather Center is ready. They've already made the necessary technical changes to get the correct watches and warnings to Bedford viewers after reversion.

"Right now, when we describe it on the air, we'll say this does include the City of Bedford. Instead we will just start to say this does include the town of Bedford," said Sublette. "We already have a joint communications center."

Police Capt. Jim Bennett also serves as the city's Deputy Director of Emergency Management. His title, and a few others will go away, as Bedford County picks up emergency management responsibilities for the soon to be town.

"Our emergency operations plan, we're going to adopt the county's so we're on the same page of music with them. We're going to have some addendums to it that are going to be town specific."

The siren can be heard well past the city limits, and you'll still hear it after reversion. But, if you want to hear other warnings

"If you have one of those special kind of weather radios, it will need to be reprogrammed right after the first of July."

Reversion isn't just a prediction; A new town is forecast to hit us.

If your weather radio is marked at SAME, which stands for Specific Area Message Encoder, you'll need the new code for Bedford come July 1.

You can get the list of codes from the National Weather Service here.