Waterstone Pizza's Trick to Making the Best Pie in Town

Chef Mickey Bergeron

Reporter: Claudia Rupcich | Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Head Chef Mickey Bergeron from Waterstone Pizza takes us behind-the-scenes to show us how to make the best pizza in town.

In Waterstone's kitchen, he shows us the step-by-step process of making the most popular item on the menu: Margherita pizza.

Bergeron says the dough should be thin and almost see-through. That way it'll be thin and crispy when it's cooked.

He started out by putting some marinara sauce on the dough. Then, he added whole-milk shredded mozzarella cheese. Next, he places fresh sliced tomatoes.

Tip: After slicing the tomatoes, put them in salt and let them sit so they dry out a bit. This way they won't release as much water and make your pizza soupy.

After the tomatoes, he topped off the pizza with fresh mozzarella. Now, it's ready for the oven.

Here comes the most important part of the whole process: The oven temperature! Bergeron says you should heat your pizza stone in the oven set at 500 degrees. That way when you put the pizza on the stone, you'll get instant crispiness on the dough.

Once it's crispy and browned, you can take it out. He says a good way to see if the dough is done is if you can pick it up from the side and you can hold the whole pizza without it bending or folding.

Lastly, he cut the pizza into slices garnished it with fresh basil.