Water Treatment Director Explains New Spill In Dan River

Danville, VA - Danville Water Treatment Plant officials say the liquid that leaked into the Dan River Monday is not toxic. Hundreds of gallons of a liquid, which is part of the wastewater treatment process, spilled into the river.

This is completely separate from the coal ash spill, but many are frustrated that another unwanted substance is in the water.
An unpermitted leak caused 1,500 gallons of treated wastewater to spill into the river. This all happened from the Southside Treatment Plant near Goodyear Boulevard.
According to the Director of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Barry Dunkley, the leak was noticed around 7:45 Monday morning.
They had stopped it by a little after 9am. Dunkley said they are still trying to identify how this all happened. While he says the liquid is not harmful to the river or the environment, this is not an ideal situation. He said because it is a liquid, it is not possible to separate it from the river water.
Dunkley says a leak like this hasn't happened in the 16 years that he's been at the plant. Crews have been working to clean up the mess.
"It's a violation of our permit, which I take very seriously. And we don't want it to happen. So in terms of the impact it's had on the environment and everything, it will be very little but its something that shouldn't have happened," said Dunkley.
Dunkley said he has notified the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality about the leak.
He does not anticipate being fined.

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