Water Fills Basements & Major Roadways as Flash Flooding Hits Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Parts of Roanoke remain underwater Wednesday night. In some spots, the water rose in a matter of minutes -- filling basements and shutting down major roadways.

Kayakers were paddling down major roadways as water crept to the top of a 14-foot overpass.

Streets became unrecognizable, and on Second Street, a stranded car was consumed by flood waters.

At the Gold's Gym parking lot, cars sat submerged.

"It definitely shocked me, I mean I didn't think it could ever actually flood over here that fast," said a Gold's Gym member .

"It was unbelievable. You can't really imagine how water can add up that quickly, but it really does, it can be really dangerous," said a gym employee.

Patrick Perkins and Brittany Dickerson's basement was completely flooded.

"It took the door off the frame of the house, all the water went inside, I've got about eight feet of water standing inside, I lost everything," said Perkins.

Perkins, a Roanoke Police officer, spent the day helping flood victims. This was the last thing he had hoped to come home to.

"The city's bad. We're not the worst, by no means the worst. I had no idea I was going to lose everything," said Patrick Perkins.

"Pictures, his military medals...our laundry room, all of our clothes are gone, everything," said Brittany Dickerson.

Perkins actually went back out to help the Police Department in their efforts, and it's shaping up to be a busy night for them all.