Water Costs in Danville May Increase

Danville, VA - Danville residents could soon see a large increase in their water bills.

Danville Utilities representatives recommended an increase in residential water rates from the current $1.57 for 100 cubic feet of water to $2.20 as of July 1st. Then, they propose it would increase again by 20 cents on July 1st of next year.
The service charge for water would also go up from $5.85 per month to $7.35 on July 1st. then up to $8.85 next year.
They say they need to increase rates because of several factors, including a huge shortfall this year, increase in chemical costs and inflation.
"You always question every time you get a rate increase but we've cut everything we could possibly cut to minimize the rate increase," said Barry Dunkley, director of water and wastewater treatment.
The city council plans to discuss these options at their meeting this week.