Washington and Lee University Loses Security Officer

Lexington, VA- He's been referred to as a "campus celebrity" even though he spent his entire career behind the scenes, serving others. 54-year-old Larry Stuart was a campus security officer for Washington and Lee University in Lexington for 29 years. He passed away last week due to kidney failure. Since then, more than 11-hundred students and graduates have come forward to raise funds for his family's expenses.

When a recent W&L graduate heard the news she set up a gofundme page. The page had a $5,000 goal four days ago. At last check, that page has raised more than $45,000. Emily Bruner, who set up the page, says it's a way the school family can come together and show just how much Larry Stuart was loved.

The family says they are blown away.

Washington and Lee University says the hole left by Stuart's passing is large. Steve Tomlinson is the Associate Director of Public Safety at the University. He says the school already decided to set up a scholarship in Stuart's honor. The Public Safety Department will have a hand in helping the university award a student each year with a scholarship. The student will be recognized for exemplifying Stuart's character and commitment to the W&L community.

Emily Bruner says if Larry had passed away in the school year she has no doubt every student would have attended his funeral.

You can find the gofundme page here.

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