Washed Out Road Strands Neighbors in Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - Nine families are at home Thursday because they can't go anywhere else. The road they live on in Bedford County washed out Wednesday night during heavy rain, leaving a hole you could park a bus in.

There are poles placed in Medowlark Road in Blue Ridge to keep people from driving right into the hole.

Larry Addair lives on the road that used to be above the hole. Now he and his grandson are stranded on the other side.

"When I got here the water was up over that concrete pillar there. So it was probably about 12 or 13 feet deep," said Addair.

The section of Meadowlark Road in Blue Ridge washed out Wednesday night when rusty drain pipes finally gave way. This is a private community where 50 families pay $75 each per year for their roads.

"It handles like gravel, maintaining the roads, cleaning the snow off and such as that," said Del Sprinkel.

But not something as big as this. Sprinkel, the community's road committee treasurer, lives on the side that can still get out. He thinks it will cost $40,000 to repair, and they've got about $4,000 in the bank. He says when the same thing happened to another neighborhood road, churches and businesses pitched in.

"Supplied pipe and gravel and dirt and that was the only thing that got us out of that," said Sprinkel.

No one is getting in or out, and Mick Kieselburg is worried about neighbors on the other side who live near the property he takes care of.

"If they have a fire, or medical emergency, there's no way to get to them."

Larry and his grandson leave to check on Larry's disabled wife. It might be the only driving they'll do for a while.

Since this road is private VDOT will not repair it. The neighbors are also contacting their county supervisor, but say they've tried that in the past and the county would not help because it's a private road.

The neighbors say there is a farm road they could use, but it's muddy. They're likely to get stuck or not be able to get back home. It's also not suitable for emergency vehicles.