Warrants Give New Details in Roanoke Security Guard Shooting

Afton Garden Apartments

Reporter: David Tate

Roanoke, VA - Investigators in Roanoke appear to be making progress in tracking down those responsible for the murder of an apartment complex security guard.

Steve Orange Jr. of Vinton was shot to death July 13 as he sat in his security vehicle at the Afton Garden Apartments. He had served 11 years as a Roanoke Police officer before that.

According to a police search warrant, investigators believe more than one person was involved in Orange's murder. This latest information started to come together last Tuesday when police were investigating a convicted felon who had been seen carrying around a sawed-off shotgun in the same area where Orange was killed.

That man, Gene Anthony Brown, was eventually arrested and charged for having a weapon, but not before police also saw Brown using two different rooms inside an Econo Lodge on Orange Avenue.

A second warrant looking to search those two rooms show that police were looking for cell phones that they believe were used in the "planning of the killing of the security guard" on July 13. Two phones were seized.

Police are not naming brown as a suspect in Orange's murder, citing an ongoing investigation. They are making clear that the felon in possession of a firearm charge against Brown is not related to the Orange murder.