Warning Against Scam Using Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is once again the victim of borrowed identity. Two new rounds of "phishing" emails are out using that group's good name as a way to try to get into your computer.

The group was first used in the same way just about a year ago, and ever since then, bursts of emails like it have been popping up.

This new round of the scam offers a great opportunity to remind people that the more sophisticated scammers continue using reputable companies that make it hard to resist the urge to click that link.

If you've received a message from the BBB informing you that a complaint has been filed against you, you're not alone. It's the latest barrage of attempts that worldwide organized crime is making, in an effort to rip you off.

"What that does is it gets people's attention, and they obviously have something that they want to handle and they feel like they need to handle it and they want to click on that link and handle it," said Julie Wheeler with BBB.

The latest phishing attack is aimed at businesses who may be members of the BBB, a move that strikes at the heart of any small business owner focused on keeping its image clean.

"I would want to open it in a heartbeat. Absolutely. It's hard because you never know if you're going to automatically delete something that comes across, it's like, 'Oh... what am I deleting? Do I want to open this?'" said Heidi Bundy.

Bundy owns the store "A Little Bit Hippy" in Roanoke. While she hasn't been hit with the BBB phishing scam yet, she has been hit with a different one that claimed to be from another resource: PayPal. She didn't fall for it.

"Just the address that it came to and the subject line..,you can tell just about everything you need to know from the subject line in an email. And just seeing it was mixed caps and lower case. It was just very unprofessional," she said.

That's exactly how the experts want you to approach these emails as well.

"When it comes to technological safety, it's better safe than sorry," said Bundy.

BBB officials say the best way to determine if one of these emails is fake or not is by highlighting the link that they provide you with. If that link does not go back to the BBB website, you're dealing with a phony.