Warner Stops In Lynchburg, Talks VA Scandal

Lynchburg, VA - Senator Mark Warner stopped by the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg Saturday. It was his ninth stop in his "Working Together" tour in his campaign for reelection. One of the issues Warner talked about was student debt. Warner says sky rocketing student debt is an issue that just keeps growing. He spent time telling the crowd how he believes it could be fixed. One solution he says is to propose a bill that would let students refinance their student debt, just like how homeowners can refinance their mortgage. Warner also talked about tackling the nation's $17 trillion debt, as well as how to bring more job opportunities to the Commonwealth. The audience also asked pressing questions about education and climate change. One hot issue at the discussion was accountability to disabled veterans when it comes to getting employment and health care. In the wake of the VA scandal, ABC 13 asked Warner how he thinks this should be fixed. He said the resignation of Shinseki was a good first step. "I'm going to be laying some ideas out on Monday on how we can at least bring the private sector in to help fix at least the problem on how people get their appointments on a regular basis. So there's short term problems that need to be fixed but there's also long term cultural problem that needs to be dealt with," Warner said.Other Senate hopeful, Republican Ed Gillespie will be touring a company in Salem on Monday and giving a speech on energy.