Warner Leads Roundtable Discussion on Early Childhood Education

Danville,VA-- Senator Mark Warner is talking early childhood education and he came to Danville to find a way to get more funding for it.

Warner led a roundtable discussion at Smart Beginnings, an organization that focuses on school readiness across the state.
Warner said Southside leaders are working to revamp the local economy starting with improving workforce development. Workforce development doesn't start at high school or college, he said it starts at pre-school.
The group talked about what's working early childhood education and what areas need improvement.
The Executive Director of Smart Beginnings talked about the success of the recent Virginia Star Quality Initiative, which gives ratings to pre-schools so parents can know the quality of the program their child is attending.
One major concern at the discussion was funding. Many said they need more federal dollars to keep their successful programs running. Warner said the key to that may be proving their effectiveness.
"I think a lot of times there's been programs in the past that have been well intentioned, where we may have used money but we've not really then measured the outcomes. What Smart Beginnings does, is it's got measurements and metrics,"said Sen. Warner.
Warner also said another solution would be not having so many early childhood programs, but better leveraging those that already exist.