Warmstreets Puts Faith in Giving to the Needy

Lynchburg, VA - Between Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving, it's easy to forget about the needs in our community, but people all over the country are celebrating Giving Tuesday.

Thomas Ellis still drives the Honda Accord he's had since college, but with a wife, two kids and a strong faith, he considers his life very full.

"Put God's kingdom first said Jesus. Do what he wants you to do. Then also those things shall be given to you."

Thomas was reading the same Bible verse to 5-year-old Molly when it hit him: maybe they didn't need that second car.

"We had saved up a bunch of money for a minivan of all things, we always thought we'd never have a minivan," said Ellis.

"Normally my reaction would be -- are you serious? Give all the money away, again?" asked his wife Mindy Ellis.

But Mindy is actually grateful for that meeting back in April. It was between her husband and the founder of Warmstreets, an organization that raises money to help the homeless.

"He said I want to give you something. And he had the check folded up and he handed it to Rick," said (Mindy) Ellis.

"I saw it was for $10,000. And, I cried," Rick Hughes said.

It was enough to keep the mission going.

Thomas had no idea the non-profit had a hundred dollars left in the bank.

But then the Ellis's got their own unexpected blessing. A car was donated by a coworker who had no idea they had just given away the money they had saved for a new van."

It may not be ideal for this growing family, but the Ellis's say giving back is the greatest gift of all.

Believe it or not, this was the second time the Ellis's gave away money they saved to buy a new car.

The first time it went to an Ethiopian Mission Group.