Warm Temps Spur Sales At Various Lynchburg Businesses

Lynchburg, VA - Wednesday's warm weather paid off in a big way for lots of local businesses. The temperature soared near 90 degrees. And for businesses, sales soared as well.

From restaurants to garden supply stores, business Wednesday was booming.

When the suns out, sales, soar.

"We've definitely seen a rise in business since the warmer weather's been around" said Adi McCauley.

McCauley owns Magnolia Foods on Rivermont Avenue. Outdoor seating lines the sidewalk outside her store. What's better on a warm day than taking lunch outside?

"Our location, we love it. In the heart of Rivermont, watch all the hustle and bustle around you as you eat and just enjoy the patio" said McCauley.

Exactly what one group of girls decided to do, "It's like the warmest day so far this year so we wanted to take advantage of it" said one girl.

A few feet away at Riverside Runners, "Spring has definitely sprung here on Rivermont Avenue" said store owner, Jeff Fedorko.

Once the sun started shining and the temperature climbed out of the cold, Fedorko said his store stayed packed.

"We definitely see more people coming to see us with questions about footwear and about exercise as the weather gets warmer. The warmer and nicer it is, usually the more people we see through our doors" he said.

"A lot of this stuff, you're still a little early to put out because they are cold sensitive and frost sensitive" said Philip Helbling.

And after a sluggish start to spring, sales are growing again at Virginia Garden Supply.

"Everybody's trying to get the beds cleaned up from the winter and get things pruned back and mulch their flower beds to get them ready for their flowers, it's just a little bit of everything" said Helbling.

So finally, some sun, some spring, and some sales to prove it.

"It's hot. It's nice to be able to go outside not wearing a jacket, for once" said another girl, enjoying lunch outside of Magnolia Foods.