Ron Paul Sign Hung off Bridge on Wards Road

Lynchburg, VA - When drivers on Wards Road headed to work Monday morning, they probably noticed a Ron Paul sign hanging from the new pedestrian bridge.

It's a grassroots campaign strategy that has a lot of people talking and had some local leaders wondering who's responsible for taking it down.

"The three things that are inescapable in life are death, taxes and Ron Paul supporters," said one of those supporters, Kaleb Matson.

He says he doesn't know who's responsible for hanging the sign on Wards Road.

"Frankly I don't have any idea, but that's part of the beauty of the grassroots movement. Our desire is to show the support that Ron Paul truly does have all throughout the country," said Matson.

Ron Paul's national sign waving campaign has been in the works for about a month.

The only problem: the bridge on Wards Road isn't open to the public yet, which has at least one city council member wondering about how secure the construction site actually is.

It also violates an agreement between the city of Lynchburg and Liberty University made before the bridge was built that no signs would be placed on the bridge.

The city engineer says until the bridge opens in a few weeks, the university is responsible.

A spokesman for LU says the sign was not authorized by university officials.

"Once the bridge is inspected and it passes all of the inspections, then they have to donate it to the city of Lynchburg and the city accepts it. And that has not taken place yet," said Lee Newland.

The grassroots campaign makes no apologies for the public's support. They're hoping their untraditional campaign methods make their message loud and clear.

"Get online and check out Ron Paul's positions," said Matson.