Walkers Take to the Streets of Danville For a Good Cause

Danville, VA - If you live in Downtown Danville you may have noticed a large group of people walking in your neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

The walkers aim to end hunger one step at a time as part of the Danville Area Crop Walk.

This weekend's walk marked the sixth year Danville has taken part.

Hundreds of people were out raising money to feed people in our area and around the world.

Some of the money raised goes to God's Storehouse, and they say the walk came at the perfect time.

With each step and each sign, Southside residents raised awareness and money for a big problem in Danville and around the world.

"It raises money to help people who are hungry and are starving," said walker Rebecca Sharick.

Twenty five percent of the money raised will go to God's Storehouse, a local organization that feeds around 170 people every day.

"Last year we gave over 31,000 boxes of food and we're already up to 21,000 boxes so far this year. We're running about a six percent increase over what we did over last year," said Karen Harris, Executive Director of God's Storehouse.

Things are about to get even busier for God's Storehouse, too, with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.

"We're going to be seeing a lot more people coming into God's Storehouse, so we definitely need the funds and the canned goods and things like that to get us through these holidays, " Harris added.

Harris says the walk was more than just a time to raise money and awareness, it was also a chance for people to remember here their next meal is coming from.

"There are some people out there what just count their pennies and struggle from day to day and try to decide am i going to pay my electricity, doctor bill, and not really have a lot left over for food," Harris continued.

"We're always a pay check away from hunger," walker John Shutts said.

Thirty-five teams participated this year and organizers are still counting just how much money was raised Sunday.

Seventy-five percent of the proceeds will go to an organization called Church World Service. They feed people in 50 different countries.