VUL Sued by Former Employee

Lynchburg, VA - Virginia University of Lynchburg is in some hot water. They're being sued by one of their former employees, for more than $20 million.

Former Lynchburg Mayor and adjunct VUL professor Carl Hutcherson was named as well.

The lawsuit stems from Cheryl Glass, a four year employee, and the school's former admissions director.

She claims she was fired without warrant and wasn't even allowed to contest her termination. She says that, was a breach of her contract, which stipulated a notification of termination at least 30 days prior, and with adequate reason.

Glass claims she was defamed by him - alleging he published false statements saying she was fired because she had embezzled money from the University.

ABC 13 caught up with Hutcherson minutes after he was served with the lawsuit. Hutcherson says he worked closely with Glass and claims the accusations are completely false.

"I didn't do anything, not anything, didn't say anything, to get Ms. Glass fired, nothing. 'You didn't write anything?' I didn't write anything, I didn't say anything, no, no, no. I was extremely sorry to see her go," he said.

The total Glass is demanding in this case is almost $22 million. She's holding Hutcherson responsible for more than $10 million.