VT's Thomas Talks About Playing at FedEx Field

Blacksburg - College football, Virginia Tech takes on Cincinnati Saturday at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

Cincinnati is the last team to shut out the Hokies in 1995 in Blacksburg. With FedEx, home of the Redskins, seating a whopping 85 thousand, there'll likely be plenty of empty seats, forcing the players to adjust their mindsets a bit.
Logan Thomas, HOKIES R-JUNIOR QUARTERBACK, said "It's much easier to play when it's a full stadium when you've got a bunch of fans either cheering for you or cheering against you. That's just the nature of college football, that's what you grow up watching and that's kind of what puts the chill bumps on you, get you going. So it is tougher to play at a place where it's not full, it's not packed."