VT Releases 2014 Football Helmet Ratings

Blacksburg, VA - Researchers studying the safety of sporting head gear released their newest results regarding football helmets. The release rates 23 different adult models using a five star rating system. This is the third year the Virginia Tech School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences has released the data. Researchers say the most telling indicator that their work is making a difference is the number of helmets now given those 5-stars. "When we first released the ratings in 2011 there was only one five star helmet. This year we updated the ratings and for the first time every new helmet that came on the market; it was a five star helmet. This marks a substantial increase in protection for football players across the country," said said Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Steven Rowson. To understand the difference in the star-rating system Dr. Row-son said there is a 50% reduction in concussion risk when comparing five star to one star helmets.