VT Basketball Coach Buzz Williams Speaks in Lynchburg

Lynchburg - The Virginia High School Coaches Association All-Star Week in Lynchburg continued Tuesday with coaches clinics kicking into high gear.

New Virginia Tech head basketball coach Buzz Williams came in from Blacksburg to address one of the sessions. Afterwards, Williams said his first few months at Tech have been great, that the players have embraced the new staff and are understanding of what he called a "steep mountain" ahead of the Hokies. Williams has had four players decide to transfer for different reasons since he stepped in as new coach.

Buzz Williams, NEW VIRGINIA TECH BASKETBALL COACH, said "Zero of those kids have they been quote "forced out." I really have enjoyed the relationship I had with all of those kids that have left and to be real honest with you I still talk to 'em because THEY did not feel as though for differing reasons that it was the best situation for them. And they're entitled to that because it's their life."

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