VP Visit Causes Minimal Traffic Delays in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - When a sitting Vice President who is up for re-election comes to town, you would expect traffic jams and delays to come with him.

Folks in downtown Lynchburg say the VP's visit really didn't cause many delays.

Officials kept downtown traffic running smoothly, although there were several streets blocked off.

People at the event said they came fearing the worst, but were pleasantly surprised.

On the Streets of Downtown Lynchburg, you may never have known the Vice President was in town.

"Things seem pretty uneventful, a lot of people and not much hassle," said Hart Green, a Downtown Property Manager.

Green began parking cars early in the morning. He says the Downtown traffic never became an issue.

"I haven't seen any backup; I think the police have handled it really well. That is always a plus,"said Green.

Church Street was closed from 12th Street to Washington Street, forcing some attending the rally to find an alternate route.

Ann Duncan says the only kink in her travel plans, was the construction on 5th street. She credits the city for notifying the public in advance of available parking.

"They said that all the city owned parking lots would be opened free on the weekend and gave a list of them and where they were so we just went to one where we knew it was," said Duncan.

While parking in general may not have been an issue, nearby parking was.

"We parked about 4 blocks away but then we had to walk about 5 blocks to get to this spot," said Pat Lovern, who attended the Biden rally.

Lovern says she was excited by the turnout, and says her walk was well worth it.

"I'd walk a mile to get here, I'm 73 so that's tops, I'd walk a mile to get here," said Lovern.

Her attitude was shared by many, excited supporters, eager to see their Vice President.

We did receive numerous phone calls into our newsroom Saturday evening complaining about delays on 29. We do believe those delays were for the Vice President as he was entering and leaving Lynchburg.