Voters Angry About Problems at the Polls in Danville & Pitts Co.

Danville, VA - Election Day also came with its share of problems for some voters in Danville.

At Precinct 17, we learned that some voters were complaining about the layout of the electronic ballots, saying they were confusing.

The Presidential candidates were listed to the left of the ballot while candidates running for other offices were listed on the right, but many missed the Presidential section of the ballot entirely and had to go back and cast a provisional vote.

Precinct chiefs say it's a case of voters not reading the ballots carefully.

"The electronic machine sends a full ballot. I think they just overlook the left part of the ballot, " said Precinct 17 Chief Eugene Moorefield.

The Danville registrar says the ballots are the same as they were four years ago and she is not sure why more voters experienced problems this year.

Reports of voting problems have also been coming in from Pittsylvania County.

Voters say when they went to cast their vote, the Presidential section of the ballot was hard to see.

Although Danville voters at some precincts were allowed to use provisional ballots to correct the mistake, voters in Pittsylvania County were not so lucky.

The county registrar said no special arrangements were made for people who missed that section even though the problems were so widespread.